US Aircraft Carriers - An Illustrated Design History (Intro)

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Candlewick, 40 pp.

On a cold and blustery day, a grandfather and grandson head outside for a kite-flying adventure. Written and illustrated by Camille Whitcher. Scribblers, 32 pp. Crown Books for Young Readers, 48 pp. With that discovery, an astrophysicist is born. Written and illustrated by Naomi Howarth. Maud stays alone in her cave until her one friend, Mouse, encourages her to be herself. Sometimes all you need is a friend who believes in you. Written and illustrated by Simon James. Candlewick Press, 32 pp.


Henry Holt and Company, 40 pp. My First 4. This time we meet the Sun, who, as he says, is one in a billion or…one in billion. Written by Helaine Becker; illustrated by Dow Phumiruk. Written and illustrated by Markus Motum. Candlewick Press, 56 pp. Curiosity is nicely anthropomorphized in this story that takes the rover on a 35 million-mile journey from Earth to Mars. Written by Suzanne Slade, illustrated by Thomas Gonzalez.

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Peachtree, pp. This gorgeously illustrated book chronicles the days between President John F. Ages up.

Written by Greg van Eekhout. HarperCollins, pp. Four dogs—known as the Barkonauts—are on a deep space voyage with their human crew to set up an outpost on a distant planet. When the dogs named Lopside, Champion, Bug, and Daisy wake up from hibernation, they realize the humans are gone and the spaceship is failing. Sleeping Bear Press, 32 pp.

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Written by Wen Jane Baragrey. Random House Books for Young Readers, pp. Everything lands on her house: kites, paper airplanes, Frisbees—even a passing skydiver. If she has just weeks to live, Robyn wants to take care of some unfinished business—like finding her long-lost dad. Written by Melissa Savage.

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Crown Books for Young Readers, pp. After an alien spaceship crashes in Roswell, New Mexico in , year-old Mylo Affinito and his friends head to the crash site. When Mylo receives telepathic messages from one of the surviving aliens, he and his friends attempt to get little Moon Shadow and her brother back to their mothership before the U. Army Air Forces captures them all. Written by Margaret Burnham. Laboratory Books, pp. One of the earliest aviation adventure stories for girls, this title was originally published in and reissued in In the book, orphans Peggy and Roy Prescott pilot the Golden Butterfly, a monoplane designed by their late father.

Electronics Ltd N B. Above rightr A Halrier of ltlo I Squ. John Tweddell. HSA Kingston Divn. Right: Fly-by-wirs Hunter: the Royal Ai? Revell's Harrte'kit makes uP into a oenerally good mode' bf tmpress ve s ze but it is not without items that requlre attention to bring it up to the latest stanf. Tl'e gply m3. Aircraft Illustrated Oct Download Report. Published on Nov View Download 6. IX weIe0 by a 1. Wrth tire cost,rf new aircraft rncreasing in ciirect proportion io tho increaso in sophrstication domancicci, it is ob- two clcvcloomcnts.

The firepower itself has been developed dramatically over the lastdecade. These armour piercing rockets are of the high velocity type and are ftited with hollow charge warheads whichwill penetrate with ease the armour of any modern tank or warship. New bomblng techniques have resulted from the introduction of retarded sclves. Using built in computers they provide very accuratc navlgation information, which eases the task of fincling the Above: Some of the modern ordnance which can be carried by a Phantom top and Jaguar.

These weaPons are slowcd down in flrght bY smali Parachutes Below: Harrier armed with two radarhoming versions of the Anglo-French Martel air-to-surface missile. Firstextrermely accul'ate range f inding which target and thus permitting the ctcw to concentrate on tactics. This ls similar in size Another new weaPon ParticularlY has previously been the one thing " ground attack pilot has lacked; this innovation will therefore greatly and shape to the standard 1 b casing peels away, reieasing a Iarge number of armour piercing bomblcts bomb but shortlY after release itsdensitY cioud.

So sophisticated is this equiprncnt that increase w,:apon delivery accuracy. The Harrier and Phantom by a Forward Air Controiler to be located and identified by the pilot;this will greatly enhance the speed and efficiency of close air support operations. Although de- signed primarily as anti-armour weapons.

The 3 Best Aircraft Carriers of All Time

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