Operator Algebras Generated by Commuting Projections: A Vector Measure Approach

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Optimal Shape Design : lectures given at the joint C. Burkard, R. Ruggeri, T. Recent mathematical methods in nonlinear wave propagation : lectures given at the 1st session of the Centro Internazionale Matematico Estivo C.

Vector Measures, Integration and Applications

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The second part is joint work with M. We explore various spectra of a Krein space adjoint operator and its Aluthge transform. Also we introduce some examples of Krein space selfadjoint operators satisfying the conditions.


Operator algebras generated by commuting projections: a vector measure approach - PDF Free Download

Joint invariant subspaces under a pair of commuting isometries may be investigated via joint invariant subspaces under an extension to another pair of commuting isometries. Its smallest gauge-invariant quotient is the celebrated Cuntz-Krieger algebra, which is deeply connected to the associated subshift of finite type and automata of the directed graph. Understanding representations of such Toeplitz-Cuntz-Krieger algebras turns out to be useful for producing wavelet on Cantor sets by Marcolli and Paolucci and in the study of semi-branching function systems by Bezuglyi and Jorgensen.

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Together with Davidson and Li, we provided a non-self-adjoint perspective for such representations, which led to new invariants that distinguish them up to unitary equivalence. In this talk I will present a complete characterization of those finite directed graphs that admit weakly-closed self-adjoint algebras that are generated only by represented concatenation operators without their adjoints! The first example of this counter-intuitive phenomenon was produced by Read in the case where the graph has a single vertex and two loops.

Lambert introduced a new type of structures, called by him sequence spaces, that were, in a sense, intermediate between classical normed spaces and operator spaces. One of the main achievements of his theory was the existence theorem for tensor products of his spaces.

We shall formulate this theorem and discuss highlights of the proof. This talk is related to the following inverse eigenvalue problem for isometries: when is a given finite set of modulus one complex numbers the spectrum of a surjective linear isometry? Necessary conditions on such a set will be presented. The problem of determining sufficient conditions seems to be much more complicated and related to the structure of specific Banach spaces. Truncated Toeplitz operators are compressions of classical Toeplitz operators to model spaces.

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We consider their generalizations, the so-called asymmetric truncated Toeplitz operators. In this talk we present some properties of asymmetric truncated Toeplitz operators on infinite-dimensional model spaces. In particular, we present their characterizations in terms of matrix representations with respect to some natural bases. The focus will be on the relation between inner functions associated with the Hankel operator kernels and the symbol functions. Such spaces are the natural objects in the context of the spectral theory of almost periodic differential operators. This is joint work with Luca Fanelli and Luis Vega.

A conjugation on a Hilbert space is an antilinear isometric involution. In this talk we present characterizations of asymmetric truncated Toeplitz operators in terms of compressed shifts and rank-two operators of special form. We also show a connection between asymmetric truncated Toeplitz operators and asymmetric truncated Hankel operators.

We then use this connection to generalize results known for truncated Hankel operators to the asymmetric case. This talk is based on joint work with C. Gu and B. In this talk, we will review Atzmon's Theorem on hyperinvariant subspaces for linear bounded operators acting on a separable Banach space which generalizes the well-known Wermer's Theorem.

In particular, we will extend Atzmon's result to a more general framework and discuss some applications regarding Bishop operators. Fredholm theory arises in the context of the study of bounded linear operators in Banach or Hilbert spaces. The underlying idea behind some of these generalizations is the invertibility of some elements of a ring with respect to some fixed ideal.

In this talk, we will deal with generalized inverses related to some spectral sets. We are particulary interested in generalizations of Fredholm theory with respect to a homomorphism between Banach algebras. Some applications include the study of Calkin algebras. We also discuss properties of the kernels of some Toeplitz operators.

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In this talk, we are going to discuss some recent approaches that give a better understanding of the phenomena beyond it. Joint work with A. Amenta University of Bonn , J. Cruz-Uribe University of Alabama. Let X be a completely regular Hausdorff space or a pseudocompact Hausdorff space. These properties are related with projective limit decomposition, inversion, involution, spectral properties and metrizability.

We will also outline an ongoing research considering more general algebras of functions. Recent approach based on use of truncated Toeplitz operators has produced new algorithms and examples in the area of inverse spectral problems for differential operators. In my talk I will discuss these results and discuss further questions. The talk is based on joint work with N.

We investigate conjugations, which leave invariant also this spaces. This talk includes results from joint work with T. The talk is based on joint work with Chafiq Benhida. Based on joint work with Christopher Linden.

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References J. Agler and J. Brown and P. Halmos, Algebraic properties of Toeplitz operators, J.