Nutrition: A Handbook for Nurses (Wiley Series in Nursing)

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NO YES. Selected type: Paperback. Added to Your Shopping Cart. New York : J. Dyeing of cotton fabrics Beech, Franklin. London : [s. Dyers' materials: an introduction to the examination, evaluation and application of the most important substances used in dyeing, printing, bleaching and finishing Heermann, Paul.

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Wiley, Elements of the theory and practice of cookery: a text-book of household science for use in schools Williams, Mary E; Fisher, Katharine Rolston. New York : Columbia University Press, New York : D. Van Nostrand, Human nature and the social order Cooley, Charles Horton. Scribner's sons, [c Philadelphia :, Avil Printing Co. Mother and child Davis, Edward P. Philadelphia : J. Lippincott, The pleasures of the table: an account of gastronomy from ancient days to present times : with a history of its literature, schools, and most distinguished artists : together with some special recipes, and views concerning the aesthetics of dinners and dinner-giving Ellwanger, George H.

New York : Doubleday, Page, The textile fibres of commerce: a handbook on the occurrence, distribution, preparation, and uses of the animal, vegetable, and mineral fibres used in cotton, woollen, paper, silk, brush and hat manufacture Hannan, William I. London : C. Griffin, The theory and practice of infant feeding: with notes on development Chapin, Henry Dwight. New York : Wood, Boston : Boston Printing Co. Bacteria, yeasts, and molds in the home Conn, H.

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Nutrition: A Handbook for Nurses

Principles of dyeing Fraps, G. London : Macmillan, Principles of home decoration, with practical examples Wheeler, Candace. Riverside, Ill. Chicago : H. New York : Macmillan, The art of right living Richards, Ellen H. Bacteriology and the public health Newman, George, as Sir,. The care and feeding of children: a catechism for the use of mothers and children's nurses Holt, L. New York : R. Bodmer, Food inspection and analysis: for the use of public analysts, health officers, sanitary chemists, and food economists Leach, Albert E. London : William Heinemann, Easton, Pa. The lace book: with seventy engravings showing specimens of lace, or its wear in famous portraits Moore, N.

New York : Brentano's, Paul : Webb Publ. Modern cottage architecture, illustrated from works of well-known architects Adams, Maurice Bingham. London : B. Batsford, The philosophy of color Clifford, C. Chicago : Inland Printer Co. The principles of economics, with applications to practical problems Fetter, Frank A. New York : Century Co. Principles of wool combing Priestman, Howard. London : G. Style in furniture Benn, R.

New York : Wood, [c]. Boston : Mellin's Food Co. Childhood Birney, Alice McLellan. New York : Frederick A. Stokes Co. The country house: a practical manual of the planning and construction of the American country home and its surroundings Hooper, Charles Edward. Embroideries and their stitches Butterick Publishing Company. New York : Butterick Pub. New York : F. Stokes, [] How to tell stories to children Bryant, Sara Cone. Boston : Houghton, Mifflin, [c] The modern laundry guide: a collection of the best articles published in the National Laundry Journal during the past two years.

Chicago : The National Laundry Journal, Occupations for little fingers: a manual for grade teachers, mothers and settlement workers Sage, Elizabeth; Cooley, Anna M. Practical problems of diet and nutrition Einhorn, Max.

Cancer in Children and Young People (Wiley Series in Nursing)

Wood and Co. The sanitation of a country house Bashore, Harvey Brown. A study of the artist's way of working in the various handicrafts and arts of design Sturgis, Russell.

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Lane, New York : Appleton, [c] Children's ways: being selections from the author's "Studies of childhood" with some additional matter Sully, James. Appleton and Co. The decorative periods Clifford, C. London : A. Eating to live: with some advice to the gouty, the rheumatic, and the diabetic :; a book for everybody Black, John Janvier.

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New York : T. The home economics movement Bevier, Isabel; Usher, Susannah. The human mechanism: its physiology and hygiene and the sanitation of its surroundings Hough, Theodore; Sedgwick, W. Boston : William J. Nagel, Mental development in the child and the race, methods and processes: with seventeen figures and ten tables Baldwin, James Mark. Stokes, Porcelain, a sketch of its nature, art and manufacture Burton, William.

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New York : American Book Co. New York : Macmillan Co. New York : Charles Scribners Sons, Old oak furniture Roe, F. On the training of parents Abbott, Ernest Hamlin. Principles of woollen spinning Priestman, Howard. New York : Longmans, Green, and Co. Recipes for the preserving of fruit, vegetables, and meat Wagner, E; Salter, Charles. Van Nostrand co. Scientific nutrition simplified: a condensed statement and explanation for everybody of the discoveries of Chittenden, Fletcher, and others Brown, Goodwin. Stokes, [] The servant in the house Kennedy, Charles Rann. The structure of the cotton fibre in its relation to technical applications Bowman, F.

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J; Foster, A.