Islam and Modernism

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For example, they responded to Islamophobic misperceptions about halal by arguing that Islamic medicine was an important part of Chinese medicine. At the same time, in contrast to this instrumentalized Islam, certain Chinese Muslim scholars studying in Cairo instead articulated an expansive, democratized version of the Islamic concept of independent human reason ijtihad as the basis for a more inclusive vision of both Chinese nationalism and the global Islamic community umma.

The opportunity to pursue this or any other alternative to mere integrationism soon evaporated, however, as the renewed Chinese Civil War split the Chinese Muslim elites across the Mainland, Taiwan, and a variety of Muslim and non-Muslim countries.

Islamic Modernism and Islamic Revival

Thereafter, the Chinese Muslim elites largely became marginalized from high politics in the era of Cold-War and decolonization. It narrates an assertion of difference in the context of multiple, partially overlapping integrations: the integration of a Han-centric idea of the Chinese nation-state, of an Arabo-centric idea of the Islamic world, and of a Eurocentric system of global infrastructures, institutions, networks, and knowledge. It de-parochializes the modern history of Chinese Muslims, showing how they epitomized aspirations and challenges common to Muslim minorities across many large non-Muslim societies and, to an extent, to modern Muslims everywhere.

For one reason or another — political upheaval, war, ideological movements — many had been cast aside.

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But today they retain particular relevance. But unlike the earlier Christian reformers, Muslim reformers are hardly ever left alone to conduct their project of reform.

Their efforts are constantly stymied by intrusive outsiders, particularly non-Muslim Western cultural warriors who encroach on the Muslim heartlands — militarily, culturally and, above all, intellectually. Western Muslim reformers are not immune to this onslaught, either. Meanwhile, there are a number of pundits who are eager to tie the actions of Islamist terrorists to mainstream religious doctrine.

Islamic Modernism: Responses to Western Modernization in the Middle East - Inquiries Journal

Despite such formidable challenges, reformist efforts continue unabated in learned Muslim circles. Sometimes crises and the subsequent marshaling of moral and intellectual resources can bring out the best in an individual and in a community. Screen music and the question of originality - Miguel Mera — London, Islington.

Edition: Available editions United Kingdom. Palestinian men pray in the Arab East Jerusalem neighborhood of Ras al-amid. Asma Afsaruddin , Indiana University. A single model of modernity?

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Islam turned on its head Yet 21st-century Muslim religious scholars have a challenging task. If only that were true! Going to the source Not surprisingly, Muslim reformers are returning to their earliest religious sources and history — the Qur'an and its commentaries, reliable sayings of Muhammad, early historical chronicles — for valuable guidance during these troubled times.

R Gibb one of the most sincere friends of Islam in the West.. Islam cannot deny its foundations and in its foundations Islam belongs to and is an integral part of the large Western society It the complement and counterbalance of European civilization nourislied at the same springs breathing the same air In the broadest aspect of history what is now happening between Europe and Islam is the reintegration of Western civilization artificially sundered at the Renaissance and now reasserting its unity with overwhelming force Z Nuseibeh Washington D.