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Bavarian cream

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Photo courtesy Paderno. A pie is a custard when an uncooked custard filling is poured into an unbaked or partially baked pie crust, and then baked. Thus, the cheese cake is actually a pie! Similarly, pumpkin pie is a pumpkin custard, lemon meringue pie is a lemon custard. A cream pie, on the other hand, starts with a fully baked crust.

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A cooked filling is poured into it; the pie is then chilled until the filling sets. It can also be garnished with toasted coconut.

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This custard is most often found in the form of coconut custard pie. Cool, flavor to taste with tablespoons of brandy, dark rum, Grand Marnier or other orange liqueur or sherry, or 1 teaspoon or more of vanilla. Jar and refrigerate until ready to use—you can keep it for a week.

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Cream custard, a. Photo by Mysid Wikimedia. Cream puff.

Cremes et charlottes

The paste is a mixture of water, butter and flour which rises due to steam expansion. It crusts on the outside, trapping steam inside, creating a puffed shape with a hollow interior to be filled. The pastry is finished with a glaze.

Charlotte aux framboises, dessert léger, frais et facile !

The cream puff debuted in America at the Wisconsin State Fair. Made with eggs, sugar and milk or cream, it is stirred over heat until it thickens into a light sauce.

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Vanilla is the basic flavoring, but coffee, chocolate or liqueurs can be added. With additional yolks, gelatin, whipped cream and flavoring, it becomes Bavarian cream. Photo courtesy Donna Ruhlman. The sugar is usually burned under a salamander or other intense heat source.

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While the traditional custard base is flavored with just vanilla, variations include chocolate and the entire international spice cabinet, liqueurs, green tea, etc. Escoffier and the other major French chefs of the time do not include the recipe in their classic cookbooks.