Colossians/Philemon: New Life in Christ (Six Weeks with the Bible)

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Categories: Books , First Pres. Share this product. Description This book is a First Presbyterian of Augusta Spring Bible Study selection and will be available for pick up at the church during the Sunday School hour on January 13th or 20th and at the Kick-off on Wednesday, January 16th. Epaphras taught the Christians at Colossae about the future.

As a result, they trusted Jesus Christ and loved other Christians. Paul did not mean that this had actually happened yet. He meant that people had taken the good news to many places. Today people are still taking the good news about Jesus to every country in the world. Then these people changed the way that they behaved. They lived good lives. They loved other Christians. Verses Paul could not visit every place himself. He had other people who worked with him. Epaphras was one of those people. He came from Colossae Paul called him a servant of Christ.

False teachers had gone to Colossae. They were not teaching the truth. So, Paul emphasised that Epaphras had taught the people in Colossae the truth about Jesus. The proof of this was in the lives of the Christians at Colossae.

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The fruit of the Holy Spirit includes love Galatians The Christians could not love so much unless the Holy Spirit was helping them. Epaphras had visited Paul and told him about the Christians at Colossae. So, Paul wrote this letter to teach them more about Jesus Christ. Paul did not want them to believe the false teachers. He emphasised that Jesus was the Messiah from God see note on verse 3.

We started praying for you on the day that we heard about you. You will produce evidence of this in all the good things that you do. And you will know God more and more. We are asking him to make you strong with his great power. Then you will be patient and you will not give up. You will be happy v12 and you will thank God the Father. And God has made us able to receive them all. Verse 9 Paul had not met the Christians who lived at Colossae.

But he greatly cared about them.

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In verses , Paul thanked God for what God had already done for those Christians. In verses , Paul asked God to do particular things for them in the future. This is a wonderful prayer. All church leaders can pray like this for the Christians that they lead. The false teachers believed that they had special knowledge and wisdom. They taught people how to understand this secret wisdom.

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But the false teachers did not believe and trust the true God. The Christians had started to believe these teachers. Paul did not try to correct the false teachers. Paul did this in several places in this letter. Paul prayed that the Christians would learn more and more about God.

Why Study the Books of Colossians and Philemon?

But people cannot discover this knowledge by themselves. The Holy Spirit will teach them Ephesians God wants people to know him more and more. He wants people to know about his wonderful purpose in Jesus. And God wants everybody to hear the good news. James describes wisdom that comes from God. And those verses compare it with wisdom that does not come from God. Then they learn to behave in the right way. They know what God wants them to do.

People who really know Christ start to behave like Christ. He repeated that idea in this verse. Paul described the fruit of the Holy Spirit in Galatians And they are learning what God has done by Jesus. When people become Christians, they start to know God. They learn what pleases him.

Then they do what pleases him. As they do this, they will know God even more. In John , Jesus said that if people love him, they will obey him. This is how Christians become mature. Verse 11 A Christian cannot please God unless God helps him. God gives Christians the power to live the right way Philippians God is powerful. For example, he made everything that is in the world and in the sky Genesis Jesus died on the cross. God gives his power to Christians. Then they can trust Jesus more each day.

Christians may have troubles in their lives. Sometimes they suffer because they are Christians 1 Peter People may insult them. But God wants Christians to be patient and kind. And he wants Christians to continue to trust Christ. Verse 12 Christians should always be grateful to God the Father. Verses have described how God helps Christians each day.

Verses remind Christians about what God has done for them in the past. Verse 12 promises good things for the future. But nobody can receive any of these things without Christ. Then we are able to receive his gifts. This verse links with verse 5. Therefore, they could receive all that God had prepared for them. It also describes the time when people know and trust God.

God lives in light that is too bright to look at 1 Timothy Verses The opposite of light is darkness. It also describes the time when people do not know God. It does not refer to a physical place. He cannot make them do evil deeds. Instead, Christ rules in their lives.

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Christ is their new master. Christ helps Christians to obey him. Paul explained more about this in the rest of this letter and in Romans chapter 6. So, God brought them out of Egypt and gave them the country called Canaan. They were not slaves any more. Paul often referred to this story. It helps Christians to understand what Jesus has done for them. But Jesus Christ shows us exactly what God is like. And Christ has the place of most honour. He created all that we can see.

He also created all the things that we cannot see. God created everything by Christ. And God made everything for Christ. And his power holds everything together. This body is the church. He is the leader of all people who rise from death. Therefore, he has first place in everything. God brought back everything to himself through Christ. This includes all things that are on earth. And all things that are in heaven. This is how God made peace. You thought and behaved in an evil way.

God cannot blame you. You must know what you believe. And you must continue to believe it firmly.

Class 18: Colossians & Philemon

You expected God to do what he promised. So, do not move away from what you believe. Verses centre on Christ. He wrote these verses like a poem. But it does not look like a poem when it is in the English language. Many teachers of the Bible think that this was a song of praise. Paul showed the Christians at Colossae that Christ is better and more powerful than anyone or anything else.

Paul wanted the Christians to understand more about Christ. This would guard them against the false teachers. Verse 15 John says that nobody has ever seen God the Father. God is spirit. We cannot see him because he does not have a physical body. So, when we learn more about Jesus Christ, we learn more about God. Christ existed before God created anything. And Christ has the place of honour over all that God created.

Paul emphasised this many times in his letter. Verse 16 Christ existed before he had a physical body. God created all physical things by means of Christ. He also created everything that is not physical. In this verse, heaven means the sky rather than the place where God lives. Paul lists 4 of these ranks. This does not mean that Paul agreed with the false teachers. God in Christ created them. So Christ has power over them. Therefore, Christ is the reason why everything exists.

Verse 17 Christ maintains the physical world. This is why it works well. The sun, moon and stars stay in their correct places in the sky. Every day has the same number of hours. People in the world live because Christ keeps them alive. Christ also maintains everything that is not physical. Without Christ, everything would break down. Christ is the ruler of everything that he created. Verse 18 Paul now showed that Christ created the church. Christ does not live in his physical body on earth any more. Christ lives in all Christians by means of his Holy Spirit Romans Now, Christ lives on this earth in his church the Christians.

Christ died on the cross. He did not stay dead but he became alive again. We read about some people in the Bible who died. Then they became alive for example 2 Kings ; John But all those people died again. Christ will never die again. He became permanently alive first, before anyone else did. He has a new body. The church began when Christ became alive again. And he has the most important rank in the church.

In 1 Corinthians , , Paul tells us that Christians will become permanently alive because of Christ. Then each Christian will receive a new body that will never die.

Verse 19 Jesus Christ was not just a man. Jesus Christ is God. And God continues to live in Christ for ever. God put everything that he has into Christ. And God put everything that he is into Christ. Christ was full of God the Father John Paul repeated this in Colossians So God sent them away.

Genesis 3 tells us about this. It also affects everything that he created. So God sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to this world. He lived a perfect life. Christ died on the cross for us. God did not punish us. God was not angry with the Christians. They were not separate from God. God unites people with himself by Christ. The Bible makes it clear that many people refuse to become friends with God. But they began to listen to what the false teachers taught. Paul wrote his letter to them to explain more about the truth.

Christ still suffers in his body. The church is now his body. So I accept my part in these troubles. He gave me a special job that helps you. This is the secret. Christ is in you. With all wisdom, we warn and teach everyone. We want everyone to be mature in his or her relationship with Christ. Verse 24 Christ suffered and died on the cross.

Christ completed his work on the cross. Christ is in Christians. When Christians suffer, Christ suffers too. Acts shows that when Paul used to hurt Christians, he hurt Christ too. Paul was in prison when he wrote this letter. They did not need the secret information that the false teachers pretended to possess.

In the past, God had not told people the complete message. But God showed his complete plan when Christ came. When Christ returns to earth, every Christian will live with him. He also taught Christians how to become more mature. Paul did not want them to remain Christians who did not grow Hebrews The false teachers declared that they had secret wisdom and power. But true wisdom, which comes from God, helps every Christian.

True wisdom helps Christians to know Christ more. He had to work hard. I am working for the people who live in the town called Laodicea. I am also working for all the people who have not met me. I want you to know how hard I am working. I want to encourage all these people. I want them to unite with each other because they love each other. This plan is Christ himself. Other people want you to believe something that is false. The way that they argue may sound good. They are trying to persuade you to believe them.

I am pleased that you have discipline in your lives. And I am pleased that you remain firm, as you trust and believe Christ. In this chapter, Paul refers to particular things that the false teachers taught. Also, he explains why Christ is superior. Verse 1 Laodicea was a town about 16 kilometres 10 miles west of Colossae.

Paul wrote to the Christians who lived in each of these towns Verses Paul wanted each Christian to be mature But he also wanted each church to be mature. In , Paul had already praised the Christians at Colossae because they loved other Christians. This united them. They also needed to know and to believe the complete truth about Christ. They did not need the secret knowledge and wisdom that the false teachers had.

Christ gives to Christians all that they need. This should encourage them, as they trust Christ. Verse 4 When a person knows the truth, he will recognise lies. And he will recognise anything that is false. The false teachers were clever in the way that they discussed things. They could reason well. They wanted to persuade people. They wanted people to believe them. Therefore, the Christians at Colossae had to know more truth about Christ. Then they could recognise what was false. And he prayed for them.

He praised them because they still believed the truth. In Ephesians , Paul described how Christians are like soldiers. Christians oppose lies when they know the truth. So, you must continue to live with him in your lives. Build your life on Christ. Someone taught you the truth about him. So be strong, as you believe the truth. Continue to thank God for what he has done for you by Christ. Verse 6 The Colossians had started their Christian life in the right way. Jesus was the master of their lives. Paul did not want them now to follow false teachers instead of Christ.

Verse 7 Paul used pictures in his language in this verse. A tree grows roots that fix it into the ground. You cannot pull up the tree. It is strong. The storms cannot blow it over. When people become Christians, they fix their lives into Christ. People build a house on a strong, level base. That house will not fall down. A Christian who trusts and obeys Christ will be strong. Jesus taught this in Matthew Epaphras taught the Colossians about Christ So Paul urged them to continue to believe the truth.

Christians should be grateful to God for all that he has done by Christ. Then they will always praise God. Their philosophy does not contain the truth. They teach false things. They do not depend on Christ. He rules over every power and authority. Then you rose with him into a new life. Also, Christ had not stripped off your old character. Then God made you alive with Christ. This record came from the laws that opposed us. God defeated them on the cross. By Christ, God showed that he was the ruler over them. Verse 8 Paul now explained why the false teachers were wrong. The false teachers taught that people had to obey many rules verses 16, But the truth about Christ makes people free John , But wisdom without Christ is false wisdom.

But they often have power to control people. Traditions depend on human ideas and human wisdom. People believed that spirits ruled the world. Verse 9 Paul repeated what he wrote in God fills Christ. He is the only true God. So, Christ is superior to everything that Paul had written about in verse 8.

Verse 10 The Christians at Colossae did not need to get anything from the false teachers. Christians already have all that they need. They went to a river or a deep pool of water. The new Christians went right down under the water. Then they came up out of the water. The water was like a grave. This act was on the outside of them. But it showed what had happened inside them. Christ had died and he became alive again. When God forgives, he joins each person with Christ. Then they usually killed the criminals on a cross. They attached another pole across the top of this pole.

They made the criminal put his arms out each side on the cross. Then they hit nails through his hands and into the cross. They did the same with his feet. This was very painful as he hung on the cross. They put this on the cross with a nail. Then they left him on the cross until he died. God sent Christ into this world to live as a man. Christ was perfect. He obeyed all the laws. Christ is no shadow. He is real! Those people say that they have seen special things. Christ is the true head of the body. The joints and muscles in the body hold it together.

Christ makes the body strong. God makes the body grow. And he made laws about what they must not eat. It is on the seventh day of the week Genesis The false teachers were like judges. They told the Christians to obey these laws too. They said that this would make them into better Christians. But Paul said that the false teachers were wrong. In Mark , Jesus said that the laws about food had ended.

Christians may eat any foods. The laws showed them how to live in the right way. This is because of Christ. The laws were good. But Christ is superior to the laws. And Christ gives his power to everyone who trusts him. Christians do not need the laws; they only need Christ. Verse 18 In Exodus 20, God gave the 10 main laws. They thought that they were better than other people were. Verse 19 Paul referred to Christ as the head of the body in Colossians The false teachers and other people said that Christians were not good enough.

They ought to add extra things verses to be real Christians. But Paul said that the false teachers were not true Christians. A Christian has everything that he needs in Christ verse Christ gives true life to his church the Christians. The false teachers separated themselves from Christ. He freed you from the basic principles of this world. So, you should not act as if you still belong to the world.

Do not taste that. Do not touch that thing. But these things go as soon as we use them. Only people make these rules. But they are part of a religion that people have made. People pretend to be humble. They punish their bodies. Paul did not mean that all rules are bad. He referred to the rules that the false teachers made.

These rules may control what people do. Rules deal with outer behaviour. So, concentrate on what is in heaven. Christ is there. He is sitting next to God in the place that has honour. They are in heaven. Do not think about the things that are on this earth. God has hidden your real life with Christ in God.

When Christ returns, you will appear with him. Now he explained how they should live this new life. For the Christians, Christ himself is their new life verse 4. So, Christ should be in the centre of their lives. They should concentrate on him. Christ rules the world with God.

So, Christians should discover what pleases Christ. It also refers to things like money, clothes and houses. Often people want power or honour. They want these things to please themselves. But Christians have died to their old life. They should not please themselves any more. They should desire Christ more than they desire anything or anyone else on earth. Some teachers do not understand this verse. They say that the world and our lives are evil.

They say that Christians must not enjoy physical things. But remember that God created all physical things. So, God wants Christians to enjoy all that he made Genesis ; 1 Timothy Christ came so that everyone could have a full life John However, Christians should concentrate on Christ. They should not concentrate on this world. Jesus taught about this in Matthew Verses This world and our physical lives are temporary. They will end when Christ returns. When a person receives new life from Christ, nobody can see this new life. Nobody can explain it. It is not a physical thing. It belongs to God.

So, Christians should now pursue the things that are above. Give up these things: wrong sex; anything that is not pure; lust desire for wrong sex and evil desires. And do not be greedy. This is like loving a false god. You used to live an evil life. Do not say anything to damage anyone. Do not say bad things about people. Do not speak nasty words. There is no difference between people from various societies. There is no difference between slaves and free people. Christ is the most important person. And Christ is in all Christians. Christians do not become perfect immediately.

But evil desires still tempt them James Christians can now refuse to obey those evil desires Romans 6. God created sex for a man and his own wife. All other sex is wrong sex. Lust is the desire for wrong sex. Greedy people want to satisfy their own desires.