Climate Change, the Indoor Environment, and Health

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A report recently published in the journal Environment International highlights health risks associated with climate-induced change to indoor environments.

The report explored four key consequences on indoor environments: overheating, reduced ventilation, indoor air quality which may lead to the growth of pathogens and biological contamination such as pest infestations or airborne infectious diseases. Climate change is expected to amplify existing health risks already associated with these categories. This is not very surprising and will only stretch the public health purse further if climate change is not tackled.

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Climate Change, the Indoor Environment, and Health (2011)

Environmental Protection Agency EPA asked the Institute of Medicine IOM to summarize the current state of scientific understanding of the effects of climate change on indoor air and public health, and to offer priorities for action. An IOM committee chaired by Dr.

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John D. Spengler, Akira Yamaguchi Professor of Environmental Health and Human Habitation at the Harvard Chan School, concluded that climate change influences indoor environmental quality, warranting attention and action. This conclusion is based on three key findings:. In this report, the IOM outlines the major climate-induced indoor environmental problems and recommends ways to reduce the health effects these problems cause.