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Fraser West.

Allison Chhorn. Cody Flyer. Jacob Luckey. Scott Steneker. Connor Berglund. Harri Gibson. Purchasable with gift card. Bandcamp exclusive. Sold Out. Intro Bug Thorns Kicker Salt Look Out Brite Boy In Love Walk Mud Hearing them giggle is priceless. This song makes me blush.

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One of the first hits out of Fame studios in Muscle Shoals. He never blew up, but every single was masterful, a faceted gem. This one, his first hit, is particularly heartbreaking. On the subject of gems, this Jewell and the Rubies single is the only love song I know that implicates a hostage situation, extortion, and the FBI. Louis pimp with a magical white Stetson—this remains one of my favorites. Lee from hell from raising too much — or even sodomizing old Lucifer himself. The sanitized version is in the repertoire of every beach band worth its salt. Whether Beach Music is cooler is debatable.

Then things got messy.


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Over the course of this research, this song went from a nauseating, maudlin piece of trash to my mantra. Picture Myrtle Beach as an island unto itself…. Terry Callier, an African American folkie turned soul-poet shaman, has absolutely nothing to do with Beach Music.

But this song has the perfect feel; Beach Music needs Terry Callier. From his masterpiece record Occasional Rain.

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Another addition to the canon, submitted for your approval. A beautiful late-night, muscadine wine-cooler, last chance for a slow dance kind of number. Yacht-rock, you decry? General Norman Johnson is a genius. The song makes women shag, and men swoon. The results are about all we can expect from anything involving the Black-Eyed Peas. That scream, when it comes — wait for it — is everything.

Why Beach Music?

A hormonal, hedonistic celebration. It was here that Hanna, a former merchant marine, first placed African American jump blues on his piccolo, or jukebox, at the behest of his friend Chicken Hicks, thereby creating a space where white listeners and dancers could engage the largely taboo black music in a space easily entered and exited, both literally and figuratively.

According to legend, Hicks was a Durham-raised ruffian with an affinity for black music and white liquor. On his nigh weekly moonshine-purchasing trips from Carolina Beach to the neighboring African American community of Seabreeze, Hicks regularly heard the current popular songs by black artists such as Joe Liggins and The Honeydrippers, Louis Jordan and His Tympani Five, Lionel Hampton, and Wynonie Harris, all progenitors of the nascent jump-blues style that was emerging out of the swing and big band traditions.

People just loved the music. These venues were bare-bones affairs, often consisting of a tin roof, a dance floor, and, most importantly, a jukebox that, for a nickel, would play the black popular music of the day. These jukeboxes were frequently chained to the floor to prevent patrons from stealing the money or, more significantly, the records. The income from the newly thriving Tijuana Inn, in combination with his enterprising nature, provided Hanna with the resources to convert a former bowling alley across the street from the Tijuana Inn into a dance hall, which he christened Bop City.

It was Bop City that served as ground zero for further Caucasian exploration of African American artists such as Paul Williams and Sticks McGhee, white artists playing black music such as Jimmy Cavallo and The Houserockers, and the burgeoning dance movement called the Shag, a couples-based dance with relatives in other swing dances such as the Lindy Hop and the Big Apple and strong emphasis on smooth, gliding technique.

Some dancers could put an open beer on top of their head and do a drop spin and never spill a drop. His decision was as financial is it was artistic, as he could present these young opening bands for next to no compensation, and was lionized by these groups in the process. This market was an even bigger cash cow than the auditorium and armory shows that he was presenting, as overhead to present a fraternity show was low, and profits high. By the late s in Durham, white audiences were standing on the roped-off side of warehouse performances of such bands as Count Basie and Lucky Millinder, and soon thereafter were doing the same for Louis Jordan.

This is the root of Carolina Beach Music. Beach Music listeners, as opposed to the artists, puzzled out what was acceptable and what was not within the world of black song. Beach Music was good music. What is beach music? We were just doing music. When we started in , we were totally all black, every concert we played was black. What the hell is this? By the late s, however, Beach Music was in decline.

This country was going into a deep depression, psychologically. We were getting our ass kicked in Viet Nam. We were losing our young men; they were getting killed. The hippies and the yippies and the zippies were causing so damn much trouble, this country was getting ripped apart.

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And then, on top of that, you had an enormous number of the new generation that was really dedicated to the idea of marijuana, LSD, and these other mind-expanding drugs. And then of course there was all of the counter-culture…we had every kind of expression of counter-culture going on in this country. And the music started getting heavy. Aside from a few shag clubs dotting the Carolina landscape, Beach Music seemed dead.

In the late s, however, the genre experienced a rebirth. Although there is obviously no single explanation for the re-embrace of Beach Music among college students and middle-aged Carolinians, it is intriguing to briefly address the various social and musical landscapes that potentially spurred this re-emergence. Beginning in roughly , the genre of disco music enjoyed widespread mainstream popularity in the United States.

Hip hop, like oldies, was a reaction to disco culture, the crucial difference being that hip hop was a predominantly African American-created musical form that was drawing, both literally and figuratively, on black musical forebears to create something entirely new. It was an anti-disco movement.

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They hate it. The living room is spacious with a huge flat screen television, Blue Ray DVD player and surround sound. If that is not enough, on the second floor you will find another living area with another side by side refrigerator and kitchen area. This opens up on to the second floor balcony, overlooking your private pool with great beachfront views. This floor also has the Master suite with an adjoining Master Bath. There is a balcony off the bathroom overlooking the community pool.

The Bath has a separate walk in shower and huge tub, as well as separate vanities and make up area. And just in case you needed more room, there is another living room with a sleeper sofa. This is semi-private, but it is not closed off. On the third floor, you will find another one of the semi-private living rooms with a sleeper sofa, along with 5 bedrooms. Two bedrooms share access to the third floor balcony with breathtaking views! It is a great place to enjoy your morning cup or coffee or your glass of wine before bed!

One of these bedrooms also has a twin sized sleeper chair, which is a favorite for grandkids! Guests can walk out the first floor living room onto an expansive front porch with comfortable seating areas and a 6-person table.

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Or for the sun worshippers, enjoy one of the numerous beach chairs on our deck overlooking the private pool. Getting to the beach is a breeze — there is a wide boardwalk down to the beach with a convenient shower spot to get the sand off. We also have a storage area under the pool deck to store your beach belongings.