A History of Early Aviation

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It was a small, biplane glider flown as a kite to test their solution for controlling the craft by wing warping—a method of arching the wingtips slightly to control the aircraft's rolling motion and balance. The Wright Brothers spent a great deal of time observing birds in flight. They noticed that birds soared into the wind and that the air flowing over the curved surface of their wings created lift. Birds change the shape of their wings to turn and maneuver. Over the next three years, Wilbur and his brother Orville would design a series of gliders that would be flown in both unmanned as kites and piloted flights.

They read about the works of Cayley and Langley and the hang-gliding flights of Otto Lilienthal.

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They corresponded with Octave Chanute concerning some of their ideas. They recognized that control of the flying aircraft would be the most crucial and hardest problem to solve. So following a successful glider test, the Wrights built and tested a full-size glider. They selected Kitty Hawk, North Carolina as their test site because of its wind, sand, hilly terrain and remote location. In the year , the Wright brothers successfully tested their new pound biplane glider with its foot wingspan and wing-warping mechanism at Kitty Hawk in both unmanned and piloted flights.

History of Aviation

In fact, it was the first piloted glider. It had a foot wingspan, a weight of nearly pounds and skids for landing.

However, many problems occurred. In their disappointment, they predicted that man will probably not fly in their lifetime, but in spite of the problems with their last attempts at flight, the Wright brothers reviewed their test results and determined that the calculations they had used were not reliable. They then planned to design a new glider with a foot wingspan and a tail to help stabilize it. In , the Wright brothers flew numerous test glides using their new glider.

He set the world record by flying two hundred and twenty meters in twenty one and a half seconds. Santos-Dumont was responsible for adding movable surfaces to the wings in order to gain lateral stability. Santos-Dumont made the Demoiselle monoplane, which was employed as Santos-Dumont's personal transportation. In , he began working with the Clement-Bayard company to build the Demoiselle No. The military started using airplanes as soon as they were invented. Italy was the first country to use airplanes for military purposes.

They used planes to bomb and shell during the Turkish-Italian War in Libya; however, the first planes were used for offensive and a defensive purpose was during the First World War.

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During the Second World War, all countries advanced their development and production of aircraft and flight-based weapons systems. Military's from the around the world used strategic bombers, dive bombers, fighter bombers, and ground attack aircraft. The advent of the radar gave more room for coordinated and controlled deployment. In the commercial aviation sector, the Concorde passenger jet plane retired during the early 21 st century.


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It was fuel hungry and could only carry a limited amount of passengers; however, it made room for emerging airlines, such as British Airways. Commercial airliners may become a thing of the past, because of full-scale attempts by military aviation to focus on the elimination of piloted planes. The introduction of unmanned aerial vehicles UAVs may make this a possibility in the future. In , the first autonomous flight across the Atlantic Ocean was successfully completed by a computer-controlled model aircraft. This could contribute greatly to the national defense against terrorist attacks, where the country became vulnerable to hijacked aircraft.

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Authorized Worldwide Wholesaler. We are an authorized wholesaler for a host of internationally recognized manufacturers. History of Aviation: Aircrafts Through Time Mankind has extended efforts in perusing the skies with man-made flying objects for over 2, years. The Earliest Attempts In B. Inventing Air Transportation : A compilation of historical aircraft categorized by time period. The History of Flight : An educational resource that covers the history of the Wrights. Mankind's Fascination with Flight : An extensive document that covers the history of flight, especially the the Wrights' aerodynamic research.

Perfecting the Control System : A comprehensive resource that describes how the Wright brothers perfected the control system. The "First" Airplane : A definitive description of the first airplane, and how it worked from the surface to its inner-workings. Wright Kites and Gliders : A comprehensive document that covers the Wrights kite and glider inventions.

The First Flight Centennial : A web page that describes the first piloted flight in history. Modern Flight During the 17 th and 18 th centuries, the discovery of hydrogen led to the invention of the hydrogen balloon, which carried people away at high altitudes and across several miles.

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