Forest Resources in Europe 1950–1990

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About this title Synopsis: This volume provides a detailed account of the increase in forest resources in Europe over the past forty years. I always strive to achieve best customer satisfaction and have always described book accurately. I got lot of Out of Print and Rare books in my store and still adding lot of books. More Information.

Kareljskij Naytshnyj Tsentp. Institut Lesa. Eyre, S. Vegetation and soils. A World Picture. Edward Arnold. Gromtsev, A. Landshaftnye zakonomernosti struktury I dinamiki spednetaeOhnyh sosnovyh lesov Karelii. Hannelius, S. Finland the country of evergreen forest. Forssa Printing House Ltd.

Jakolev, F. Tipy lesov Karelii I ih prirodnoe rajonirovanie. Kuusela, K. The dynamics of boreal coniferous forests. Abstract Using reports of forest losses caused directly by large scale windstorms or primary damage, PD from the European forest institute database comprising PD reports from — , total growing stock TGS statistics of European forests and the daily North Atlantic Oscillation NAO index, we identify a statistically significant change in storm intensity in Western, Central and Northern Europe 17 countries. Open in a separate window. Figure 1. Figure 2.


See text for details. NAO and storms Hanna et al. Figure 3. Figure 4.

Forest resources in Europe — European Environment Agency

Storm intensity Figure 5 shows the complete time series of the 56 storms we consider in this work. Figure 5. Additional Information How to cite this article : Gregow, H. Supplementary Material Supplementary Information: Click here to view. Footnotes The authors declare no competing financial interests. Storminess over the North Atlantic and northwestern Europe — A review.

Trends and low frequency variability of extra-tropical cyclone activity in the ensemble of twentieth century reanalysis. The increasing intensity of the strongest tropical cyclones.

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Nature , 92—95, doi: New insights into North European and North Atlantic surface pressure variability, storminess, and related climatic change since European storminess: late nineteenth century to the present. Northern Hemisphere atmospheric stilling partly attributed to an increase in surface roughness. Nature Geosci.

ThinkForest: How to Respond to Forest Disturbances in Europe

Climate 26 , —, doi: A catalog of high-impact windstorms in Switzerland since Hazards Earth Syst. Global Forest Resources Assessment. Geosci, Mod. Recorded storm damage in Swedish forests — Forest Ecol. Increasing storm damage to forests in Switzerland from to Forest Meteorol. Wind speed measurements and forest damage in Canton Zurich Central Europe from to winter Natural disturbances in the European forests in the 19th and 20th centuries. Wind-firmness in Pinus pinaster Ait. Living With Storm Damage to Forests. What Science Can Tell Us no. Unraveling the drivers of intensifying forest disturbance regimes in Europe.

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Evidence linking Arctic amplification to extreme weather in mid-latitudes.

Evidence for a wavier jet stream in response to rapid Arctic warming.